Molten’s goal is to produce the lowest-cost, cleanest hydrogen on the planet.

Driven by a common vision to push the final frontier of decarbonization, we started building white-hot chemical reactors in a garage at Stanford.

Our simple process cracks methane at blazing hot temperatures into hydrogen and solid carbon using renewable electricity. We create no carbon dioxide, instead producing hydrogen and a valuable solid carbon by-product that can be used in concrete, paints, plastics, and tires.

While clean methods of hydrogen production exist – like water electrolysis – they rely on large amounts of renewable wind and solar energy. Our solution uses seven times less energy than water electrolysis and can use existing natural gas networks to produce clean hydrogen where it is consumed.

Our methane is responsibly procured from certified low-emissions sources and waste streams such as dairy farms, waste-water treatment plants, and landfills. This leads to hydrogen and carbon that are carbon-neutral or carbon-negative.

Hydrogen’s versatility and potential to decarbonize heavy industries makes it essential to reaching net zero. Our technology unlocks this potential.


Kevin Bush
CEO, Co-Founder

Kevin is the co-founder and CEO of Molten. He grew up in the Pacific Northwest as an environmentalist and aspiring inventor, and his mission for the last decade has been to decarbonize America’s energy infrastructure. During his Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering at Vanderbilt, he was constantly tinkering in his spare time and built anaerobic digestion systems, a biodiesel-powered, subsonic ramjet engine that won a NASA student launch competition, and an amphibious vehicle for a DARPA project. Kevin holds a PhD in Materials Science from Stanford University, where he developed record-efficiency perovskite-on-silicon tandems and the world’s first perovskite-on-perovskite tandems. He co-authored 25 papers with over 5000 citations in 3.5 years. Before founding Molten, Kevin was a co-founder of Swift Solar, a startup commercializing high-performance perovskite solar cells with lightweight, flexible form factors. Kevin holds 7 patents and is a Forbes 30 under 30 in Energy.

Caleb Boyd
CTO, Co-Founder

Caleb is the co-founder and CTO of Molten and is building a world-class team to reach the final frontier of decarbonization. Caleb has global experience including VC investing in climate tech at UVC Partners in Munich, Germany and building the world’s most affordable air purifier in Kolkata, India. Caleb studied Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science as an undergraduate at UC Berkeley, during which he took time off to work in product design at Apple and co-founded the UC Berkeley Hyperloop team. Caleb received his PhD from Stanford University as an NSF graduate research fellow, where he split his time between Stanford and the National Renewable Energy Lab and developed some of the world’s highest efficiency perovskite-silicon tandem solar cells. Caleb has co-authored 15 peer-reviewed publications with over 2000 citations, including first author publications in Science and Joule.

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